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This Website is to offer people a quick, convenient, and secure method of getting a payday loan online. Our service is absolutely free of charge.

We are not a lender or broker , and we do not make loan or credit decisions. We are a matching service connecting you with a vast network of lenders in the USA, UK or Canada.

Why us

You may think why use this type of website when you can go directly to a lender and apply there. This is true but there is a little catch. When you apply for a loan with a direct lender, you submit your application to that particular lender only. If your application is approved, you get your loan and you’re happy. But what if you get rejected? You will have to go to another lender and repeat the process. This may be time consuming and a bit dangerous too. Why? Because when you apply with many lenders and they run your credit report or Teletrack check, this information is recorded. All lenders you submit your application to will see that record. This will significantly reduce your chances of getting a loan in the future.

The benefit of using our network is you submit your application to a system which evaluates your credit. There are hundreds of lenders in the system who can see your score. If they want your business, they grab your application from the system and approve your loan. It’s up to the lender to approve your application regardless of your credit history. With a single application you reach a great number of lenders, leaving only one application record. Your chances of getting a loan are much better. There are only a few big names in the payday sector but there are thousands of small lenders who you never heard of and who must offer competitive rates and lower standards of approval in order to compete with the big names. Without a network like ours you would never be able to find them.

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